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Concrete Contractors in Strabane, PA

Address: 166 Alexander Ave, Strabane, PA 15363

Phone: (724) 745-7097

Service: General Contractors, Home Builders, Additions, Bathroom Remodeling, Home Theaters, Tile, Air Conditioning, Kitchen Remodeling, Remodeling, Windows, Concrete, Engineering, Alarm Systems

HIC #:PA024799


Type:General Home Improvement Plumbing, Electrical, Tile Installation, Drywall, Plaster Work, Painting, Concrete Work, Window And Door Installation, Kitchen And Bath Installation, Insulation, Etc. Or General Home Improvement.

Address: 103 Scenery Hill Dr, Canonsburg, PA 15317

Phone: (724) 206-6850

Service: Concrete

HIC #:PA122334


Type:Power Washing And Resurfacing

Date Issued:02-25-2016

Address: 705 Longvue Dr, Houston, PA 15342

Phone: (724) 579-4790

Service: Excavation, Additions, Lighting, Patios, Landscaping, Concrete, Landscape Architecture

HIC #:PA124385


Type:Southern Express Llc Provides Landscaping Services, Lawn Care, Concrete Work, Porches And Patios, Small Additions, And Light Excavations.

Date Issued:05-10-2016

Address: 1344 State Route 980, Canonsburg, PA 15317

Phone: (724) 873-3598

Service: General Contractors, Home Builders, Foundations, Additions, Bathroom Remodeling, Home Theaters, Flooring, Hardwood, Handyman, Drywall, Plumbing, Masonry, Kitchen Remodeling, Remodeling, Lighting, Exteriors, Roofing, Siding, Windows, Landscaping, Concrete, Electrical, Landscape Architecture

HIC #:PA053177


Type:All Phases Of Home Repairs And/Or Improvement Including Roofing, Siding, Framing, Electric, Plumbing. Flooring, Kitchen And Bath. Foundation And Masonry Repair, Landscaping, Etc.Any And All Home Repairs And/Or Improvements,. Including1. Masonry2. Electric

Address: 409 Gladden Road, Canonsburg, PA 15317

Phone: (724) 986-7635

Service: General Contractors, Bathroom Remodeling, Interior Design, Flooring, Tile, Carpets, Drywall, Remodeling, Lighting, Landscaping, Concrete, Demolition, Landscape Architecture

HIC #:PA063325


Type:Light Demolition, Interior Remodling ,Concrete Driveways , Landscaping,Drywall ,New Interior Floors , Carpet Installation ,Ceramic Tile Floors And Walls , Bathroom Remodels

Address: 150 North Haft Street, Houston, PA 15342

Phone: (724) 328-0287

Service: General Contractors, Home Builders, Additions, Bathroom Remodeling, Interior Design, Home Theaters, Painting, Kitchen Remodeling, Roofing, Siding, Landscaping, Concrete, Landscape Architecture

HIC #:PA122420


Type:Accountable Contracting Offers All Phases Of Construction, Home Improvement And Interior Design Including, But Not Limited To Concrete, Siding, Roofing, Painting, Landscaping, Retaining Walls, Kitchen And Bathroom Installation, Repairs, Insurance Claim Re

Date Issued:02-29-2016

Address: 227 Locust Avenue, Houston, PA 15342

Phone: (304) 559-7802

Service: Carpentry, Basement Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Flooring, Hardwood, Tile, Plumbing, Kitchen Remodeling, Remodeling, Concrete, Electrical

HIC #:PA059026


Type:All Ends Of Carpentry. Specialize In Finshed Carpentry Base, Shoe, Crown, Kitchen, Bathroom Remodeling, Doors. Hardwood Floor Installation And Refinishing. Ceramic Tile Installation. Most Everything But Electrical, Plumbing, And Concrete.

Address: 7 Hollow Dr, Canonsburg, PA 15317

Phone: (724) 746-3464

Service: Painting, Interior Design, Tile, Exteriors, Decks, Siding, Concrete, Restoration

HIC #:PA051672


Type:Interior And Exterior Painting, Cleaning And Staining Decks, Concrete Sealing, Vinyl Siding Cleaning, Power Washing, Terra Cotta Tile Restoration

Address: 601 Technology Drive, Canonsburg, PA 15317

Phone: (724) 743-2919

Service: General Contractors, Foundations, Additions, Commercial Contracting, Concrete

HIC #:PA035311


Type:Altechs Primary Business Is To Provide Green Structures For Residential And Commercial Markets. This Is Done Through The Supply And Installation Of Insulated Concrete Forms (Icf). We Are Applying For Registration Because We Have Done Additions Using Icf F

Address: 122 Holly Drive, Houston, PA 15342

Phone: (724) 745-2298

Service: General Contractors, Hardscape, Concrete

HIC #:PA029174


Type:Residential And Small Business Construction Including Concrete And Hardscape Work

Address: 436 Cherry Avenue, Houston, PA 15342

Phone: (724) 986-5363

Service: Concrete, Paving, Masonry

HIC #:PA116547


Type:I Provide Masonry Work In Brick, Block And Stone. I Also Provide Cement Work Ie Driveways, Sidewalks And Patios.

Address: 339 Cecil Henderson Rd, Canonsburg, PA 15317

Phone: (724) 743-2876

Service: Landscaping, Concrete, Excavation, Landscape Architecture

HIC #:PA026403


Type:Landscaping- Retaining Walls, Reseeding, Concrete Work, Excavating, Trimming, Planting.

Address: 140 Mawhinney Road, Cecil, PA 15321

Phone: (724) 747-2171

Service: Concrete, Paving

HIC #:PA080768


Type:All Types Of Concrete Work - Specializing In Stamp Concrete

Address: 12 Grandview Circle, Canonsburg, PA 15317

Phone: (724) 743-7777

Service: Roofing, Paving, Concrete

HIC #:31314


Type:C15a - Roofing

Address: 516 Highfield Ave, Canonsburg, PA 15317

Phone: (412) 874-8453

Service: General Contractors, Foundations, Basement Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Home Repair, Paving, Doors, Kitchen Remodeling, Remodeling, Windows, Concrete, Foundation Repair

HIC #:PA100351


Type:General Home Construction And Remodeling. I Specialize In Kitchens, Bathrooms, Finished Basements, Windows, Doors, Concrete And Foundation Repairs.

Address: 3269 Millers Run Road, Cecil, PA 15321

Phone: (412) 953-7469

Service: Landscaping, Foundations, Paving, Fire Protection, Masonry, Concrete

HIC #:PA116456


Type:All Phases Of Landscaping Including New Lawn, Retaining Walls, Concrete Sidewalks And Driveways, Mulching, Trimming, Planting And Fertilizing. Also All Masonry Work Including Foundations, Fireplaces, Fire Pits Etc, All Brick And Stone Work Inside And Out.

Address: 500 Plum Run Road, Canonsburg, PA 15317

Phone: (724) 207-3429

Service: General Contractors, Home Builders, Foundations, Home Repair, Concrete, Driveway, Excavation, Electrical, French Drains, Sewers, Drainage, Grading

HIC #:PA088924


Type:Excavating Including Driveways, Grading For Buildings, Trenching For Water, Sewer, And Electric Lines, Footers, French Drains, Lanscaping And Grading, Down Spouts, Water Conductors And General Excavation. Diesel Engine And Truck And Equipment Repair.

Address: 31 Windcrest Dr, Cecil, PA 15321

Phone: (724) 746-1060

Service: Home Builders, Additions, Handyman, Paving, Roofing, Siding, Windows, Commercial Contracting, Concrete, Excavation

HIC #:PA090842


Type:Excavation, Bobcat Service, Concrete, Roofing, Windows, Doors, Siding, Additions, Garages, Remodel Or New Construction, Steel Buildings, Single Family, Multi-Family, And Commercial Construction. In Business Since 1981.

Address: 1361 Morgan Circle, Canonsburg, PA 15317

Phone: (724) 873-8667

Service: Concrete, Home Builders, Basement Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Handyman, Paving, Patios, Porches, Driveway, Sidewalk, Garages

HIC #:PA093417


Type:Cement Contractor Footers - Basements - Garages - Driveways - Sidewalks - Patios - Porches - New Installations Or Removal Of Old Concrete And Replacement

Address: 21 Zaccarino Lane, Cecil, PA 15321

Phone: (412) 221-3107

Service: Concrete, Retaining Walls, Flooring, Paving, Staircases, Patios, Driveway, Sidewalk, Garages, Stamped Concrete, Walls

HIC #:PA102130


Type:I Do Residential Concrete Construction Such As, Sidewalks, Patios, Driveways, Steps, Retaining Walls, Parking Pads, Garage Floors And Also Some Stamped Concrete Work.

Address: 108 Lakewood Drive, Canonsburg, PA 15317

Phone: (724) 745-2876

Service: Concrete, Paving, General Contractors

HIC #:PA031310


Type:General Residential Concrete Work

Address: 469 Georgetown Rd, Lawrence, PA 15055

Phone: (724) 941-4793

Service: Home Builders, Additions, Basement Remodeling, Home Theaters, Patios, Concrete

HIC #:PA015822


Type:I Do Concrete Work On Mostly New Homes. Basements, Driveways, Patios, Walks. On Some Jobs We Will Install A Precast Wall.Concrete Work - Etc.

Address: 25 Federal Street, Lawrence, PA 15055

Phone: (724) 941-5028

Service: Concrete, Paving, Excavation

HIC #:PA068770


Type:Excavating, Concrete Work, Paving, Retaining Walls.

Address: 231 Pheasant Cove, Canonsburg, PA 15317

Phone: (724) 825-2392

Service: Concrete, Paving

HIC #:PA102363


Type:Concrete Contractor

Address: 701 Millers Run Road, Cuddy, PA 15031

Service: Concrete, Paving

HIC #:2705128580


Address: 301 Cricketwood Court, Canonsburg, PA 15317

Phone: (724) 916-4802

Service: Concrete, Staining, Paving, Patios, Commercial Contracting, Driveway, Sidewalk, Decorative Concrete, Stamped Concrete

HIC #:PA082215


Type:Pour Concrete Driveways, Sidewalks, Patios. Commercial And Residential. Also We Do Decorative Concrete Such As Stamped Concrete, Concrete Overlays And Acid Staining

Address: 1029 Maplewood Drive, Canonsburg, PA 15317

Phone: (724) 873-0606

Service: General Contractors, Paving, Concrete

HIC #:PA066602


Type:Concrete Construction

Address: 134 Cherry St, Canonsburg, PA 15317

Phone: (724) 825-3588

Service: Paving, Handyman, Concrete, Asphalt

HIC #:PA020626


Type:Asphalt Sealing, Small Paving, Asphalt Patches Line Striping Concrete, Pads, Driveways, Sidewalks, Steps, Basements, Garages

Address: 650 Western Avenue, Canonsburg, PA 15317

Phone: (724) 746-8775

Service: Concrete, Paving, Excavation, General Contractors

HIC #:PA052193


Type:Concrete And Excavation Contractor

Address: 580 Plum Run Rd, Canonsburg, PA 15317

Phone: (724) 746-3668

Service: Paving, Concrete, Asphalt

HIC #:PA025527


Type:Asphalt Paving

Address: 603 Western Ave, Canonsburg, PA 15317

Phone: (724) 328-1191

Service: General Contractors, Handyman, Paving, Fences, Concrete, Demolition

HIC #:PA110959


Type:Concrete Removal And Installation, Retaining Walls Demo And Installation. Fences Installation, General Demolition Work.

Address: 915 4Th Street, Canonsburg, PA 15317

Phone: (724) 772-2782

Service: Swimming Pools, Interior Design, Paving, Landscaping, Concrete, General Contractors, Landscape Architecture

HIC #:PA059241


Type:Swimming Pool Design And Construction / Landscape And Waterfall Design And Construction. Specializing In The Design And Construction Of Concrete, Fiberglass And Vinyl Lined Inground Swimming Pools. Pittsburgh And The Surrounding Areas Premier Builder For

Address: 134 Maple Lane, Canonsburg, PA 15317

Phone: (412) 852-0406

Service: Concrete, General Contractors

HIC #:PA121665


Type:Concrete Construction

Date Issued:01-27-2016

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