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Concrete Contractors in New Galilee, PA

Address: 3006 Fairview School Road, Ellwood City, PA 16117

Phone: (724) 333-2422

Service: Concrete, Basement Remodeling, Patios, General Contractors

HIC #:PA008608


Type:Concrete Work, Steps, Walks, Patios, Driveways, Garages, Basements, Stamped, Colored, Decorative Concrete. We Serve All Surrounding Areas.

Address: 703 Orchard Ave, Ellwood City, PA 16117

Phone: (724) 752-4707

Service: Concrete, Paving

HIC #:PA085037


Type:Concrete Flatwork

Address: 516 Hansen Ave, Ellwood City, PA 16117

Phone: (412) 266-0699

Service: Concrete, Flooring

HIC #:PA061820


Type:All Types Of Decorative Concrete Overlays As Well As Floor Prep Services.

Address: 163 Chapel Dr, Ellwood City, PA 16117

Phone: (724) 421-9210

Service: General Contractors, Carpentry, Framing, Remodeling, Decks, Fences, Roofing, Siding, Concrete, Engineering

HIC #:PA030539


Type:General Remodeling- Carpentry(Framing),Roofing,Siding/Soffit And Fascia,Decks-Wood,Composites,Plastic And Vinyl Rail,Garages,Sheds,Fences,Minor Concrete Repairs

Address: 1685 St Rt 65, Ellwood City, PA 16117

Phone: (724) 758-5401

Service: Excavation, Painting, Plumbing, Concrete

HIC #:PA064390


Type:Excavating And Grading. ,Concrete, Plumbing,Painting.

Address: 526 Bluff Avenue, Ellwood City, PA 16117

Phone: (724) 752-1325

Service: Concrete, Masonry

HIC #:PA036326


Type:All Types Of Masonry Work Including Concrete ,Block, Brick And Stonework, Chimney Repair And Chimney Cleaning.

Address: 1220 Woodside Ave, Ellwood City, PA 16117

Phone: (724) 752-9911

Service: Interior Design, Foundations, Bathroom Remodeling, Fireplaces, Kitchen Remodeling, Patios, Concrete

HIC #:PA034691


Type:Surface Design Offers Complete Concrete Design, Including Kitchen Countertops Bathroom Vanities Bath And Shower Surrounds Mantles Hearths Fireplace Surrounds End Tables Coffee Tables Benches Patio Tables And Furniture Wall And Pier Caps All Decorative Con

Address: 373 Mile Hill Rd, Ellwood City, PA 16117

Phone: (724) 758-5942

Service: Concrete, Basement Remodeling, Siding

HIC #:PA052780


Type:Footers, Basements, Brick Work, Block Work, Concrete Pads, Sidewalk, Plus Siding

Address: 801 Millview St, Ellwood City, PA 16117

Phone: (724) 758-7479

Service: Excavation, Carpentry, Foundations, Plumbing, Concrete

HIC #:PA051432


Type:Concrete Flatwork, Foundations, Excavation, Plumbing, Carpentry

Address: 860 Walnut Dr, Ellwood City, PA 16117

Phone: (724) 814-0329

Service: General Contractors, Home Builders, Framing, Additions, Home Theaters, Drywall, Masonry, Decks, Roofing, Siding, Concrete

HIC #:PA051621


Type:All Phases Of Residential Construction Masonry, Concrete, Framing, Roofing And Siding, Deck And Porches, Additions And New Home Construction, Drywall And Ceramic

Address: 115 Tulip Tree Lane, Beaver Falls, PA 15010

Phone: (724) 513-3014

Service: General Contractors, Additions, Flooring, Paving, Trim, Doors, Stone, Masonry, Remodeling, Staircases, Decks, Siding, Windows, Concrete, Residential

HIC #:PA104017


Type:We Perform Small To Medium Residential Improvements, Such As Small Additions, Decks, Stairs, Flooring, Trim, Siding, Windows, Doors, Stone Work, Concrete.

Address: 108 Mc Bride Rd, Beaver Falls, PA 15010

Phone: (724) 846-5117

Service: General Contractors, Framing, Paving, Swimming Pools, Commercial Contracting, Concrete, Excavation

HIC #:PA071920


Type:Excavation, Sitework, Utilities, Concrete Construction, Swimming Pool Construction, Framing And Complete Turn Key Residential And Commercial Construction.

Address: 120 Pine Lane, Beaver Falls, PA 15010

Phone: (724) 480-2947

Service: General Contractors, Hardscape, Handyman, Paving, Remodeling, Patios, Concrete, Excavation, Residential

HIC #:PA109390


Type:Residential Home Improvements And All Other General Contractinghardscapes And Patio Installationconcrete And Excavation Work

Address: 707 18Th Ave, Beaver Falls, PA 15010

Phone: (724) 581-1513

Service: Concrete, Carpentry, Flooring, Handyman, Paving, Patios, Driveway, Sidewalk, Excavation

HIC #:PA085700


Type:Concrete Sidewalks, Patios, Driveways Floors.And Carpentry And Small Excavating

Address: 108 Mcbride Rd, Beaver Falls, PA 15010

Phone: (724) 846-5117

Service: General Contractors, Home Builders, Handyman, Paving, Masonry, Concrete

HIC #:2705117161


Type:Building, Masonry Contracting, Concrete Contracting, Machinery Installation

Address: 1620 5Th Ave, Beaver Falls, PA 15010

Phone: (724) 359-8033

Service: Roofing, Paving, Drywall, Painting, Plumbing, Concrete, General Contractors

HIC #:PA088589


Type:Plumbing, Painting, Roofing, Drywall, Concrete

Address: 2454 Darlington Rd, Beaver Falls, PA 15010

Phone: (904) 534-6243

Service: Concrete, Paving, Patios

HIC #:PA118094


Type:Concrete Work Drive Ways Side Walks Patios

Date Issued:07-22-2015

Address: 927 Achortown Road, Beaver Falls, PA 15010

Phone: (724) 847-7865

Service: General Contractors, Patios, Concrete, Excavation

HIC #:PA028089


Type:Concrete Work, Sidewalks, Driveways, Patios, Garage Pads, Footers, Excavation

Address: 3740 2Nd Avenue, Beaver Falls, PA 15010

Phone: (724) 650-9040

Service: Concrete, Home Builders, Paving, Masonry, Remodeling, Commercial Contracting

HIC #:PA087196


Type:Building, Remodeling, Masonry And Concrete Work In The Private, Commercial And Industrial Levels

Address: 221 Naugle Road, Beaver Falls, PA 15010

Phone: (724) 513-0856

Service: General Contractors, Carpentry, Flooring, Drywall, Painting, Plumbing, Remodeling, Siding, Concrete, Electrical, Restoration, Water Features

HIC #:PA002454


Type:Complete Restoration Of Residential Homes Due To Fire, Wind, Water And Smoke Damage.Remodeling, Cleaning, Painting, Drywall, Carpentry, Flooring, Concrete, Electrical, Plumbing, Water Restoration And Siding.

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