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Concrete Contractors in Linesville, PA

Address: 1880 Us Hwy 6, Linesville, PA 16424

Phone: (814) 683-5116

Service: General Contractors, Foundations, Additions, Bathroom Remodeling, Flooring, Drywall, Painting, Plumbing, Kitchen Remodeling, Remodeling, Roofing, Windows, Concrete, Excavation, Electrical, Engineering

HIC #:PA033769


Type:New Construction, Remodeling, Plumbing, Electrical, Drywall, Concrete, Painting, Additions, Garages, Pole Buildings, Foundations, Excavating, Roofing, Flooring, General Contracting, Windows, Doors, Kitchens, Bath, Trim,

Address: 108 S Pymatuning Street, Linesville, PA 16424

Phone: (814) 282-9133

Service: General Contractors, Patios, Concrete, Excavation, Engineering

HIC #:PA033821


Type:Excavation, Variety Of Concrete (Sidewalks, Driveways, Steps, Patios, Walls, Repair Etc..), Waterproofing

Address: 5529 Turkey Track Rd, Conneautville, PA 16406

Phone: (814) 573-4601

Service: General Contractors, Bathroom Remodeling, Flooring, Tile, Handyman, Paving, Remodeling, Concrete

HIC #:PA089629


Type:Bathroom Remodeling - Acrylic Replacement Tubs And Shower Systems, Tub To Shower Conversions, Seated Showers, Walk In Tubs, All Sizes Of Replacement Showers, Custom Made Liners For Cast Iron Tubs And Concrete Showers.Floor To Ceiling Acrylic Walls Or Cera

Address: 20115 Morris Road, Conneautville, PA 16406

Phone: (814) 587-3584

Service: General Contractors, Carpentry, Plumbing, Remodeling, Roofing, Concrete, Electrical

HIC #:PA042185


Type:(Remodeling)Carpenter, Roofing, Repairs, Plumbing, Electric, Concrete

Address: 21404 Headley Lane, Conneautville, PA 16406

Phone: (814) 587-3922

Service: General Contractors, Flooring, Paving, Trim, Remodeling, Concrete

HIC #:PA105961


Type:Home Improvements New And Old Constructionflooring Trim Concrete

Address: 24065 N Town Line Rd, Springboro, PA 16438

Phone: (814) 587-2226

Service: Masonry, Paving, Concrete, Brick, Block

HIC #:PA050424


Type:Masonry - Concrete Work, Brick Work, Block Work, Masonry Repairs.

Address: 13885 Pont Road, Springboro, PA 16438

Phone: (814) 440-4091

Service: Concrete, Paving, Block

HIC #:PA055063


Type:Concrete And Block Work.

Address: 11001 Pont Rd, Albion, PA 16401

Phone: (814) 756-3916

Service: Concrete, Air Conditioning, Alarm Systems

HIC #:PA120875


Type:Concrete Flat Work Such As Driveway, Floors, And Sidewalks.

Date Issued:12-08-2015

Address: 20 Wells Ave, Albion, PA 16401

Phone: (814) 873-4798

Service: Concrete, Basement Remodeling

HIC #:PA003965


Type:I Provide Services Such As Decorative Concrete, Stamped Concrete, Acid Staining And Regular Finishing For Driveway,Sidewalks,Basements And Crawl Spaces.

Address: 5 Franklin Street, Greenville, PA 16125

Phone: (724) 815-5745

Service: General Contractors, Foundations, Flooring, Paving, Masonry, Windows, Concrete

HIC #:PA106773


Type:Masonry Restoration, Re Point Chimneys, Stone Work, New Construction Block, Foundations, Footers, Concrete, Floors, Sidewalks, Brick Walls, Houses, Patch Door Ways, Windows, Glass Block, Chimney Sweeps

Address: 106 Baker Rd, Greenville, PA 16125

Phone: (724) 699-2072

Service: General Contractors, Additions, Basement Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Interior Design, Flooring, Drywall, Kitchen Remodeling, Remodeling, Exteriors, Decks, Concrete, Electrical

HIC #:PA037574


Type:Siding, Replacement Windows, Doors, Roofing, Basement Remodels, Additions, Kitchen And Bath Remodels, Drywall, Flooring, Concrete, Electrical, Decks, Porches, Interior And Exterior Trims.

Address: 64 Leech Road, Greenville, PA 16125

Phone: (724) 588-1723

Service: Masonry, Foundations, Tile, Patios, Windows, Concrete

HIC #:PA025779


Type:Alls Aspects Of Masonry. Concrete, Foundations, Brick, Chimneys, Ceramic Tile, Retaining Walls, Sidewalks, Driveways, Patios, Stonen Work. Install Glass Block Windows.

Address: 35 Taylor Street, Greenville, PA 16125

Phone: (724) 588-0707

Service: Excavation, Stone, Masonry, Concrete, Demolition

HIC #:PA029437


Type:Mason Contractor - Demo And Remove Old Concrete, Brick, Stone, Pour All Types Of Concrete, Walls, Driveways, Walks, Lay Brick, Block, Stone. Small Excavation Work Install Gravel Driveways And Parking Areas

Address: 187 Osborn Rd, Greenville, PA 16125

Phone: (724) 456-0966

Service: General Contractors, Masonry, Roofing, Commercial Contracting, Concrete, Excavation, Electrical, Water Features

HIC #:PA058160


Type:Excavation Of Building Sites, Driveway Building, Underground Water/Gas/Sewer/Electric Instillation, Residential Roofing, Residential Building, Masonry And Concrete, Commercial Steel Building Erection.

Address: 34 S High Street, Greenville, PA 16125

Phone: (610) 973-9905

Service: Paving, Concrete

HIC #:PA088797


Type:Blacktop, Tar And Chip, Concrete

Address: 108 Grant St, Greenville, PA 16125

Phone: (724) 588-0901

Service: Paving, Concrete

HIC #:PA065667


Type:Asphalt Paving, Site Work, And Utility Work

Address: 236 Vernon Road, Greenville, PA 16125

Phone: (724) 588-1130

Service: Concrete, Handyman, Paving, Masonry

HIC #:PA080714


Type:Masonry And Concrete Work Brick, Block, Flat Concrete And Foundation Work

Address: 172 Crestview Drive, Greenville, PA 16125

Phone: (726) 646-2505

Service: Paving, Concrete

HIC #:PA068094


Type:Member Of Bbb - Rated A. Been In Business Since 1953.

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