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Concrete Contractors in Hilltown, PA

Address: 1710 Fairhill Road, Hilltown, PA 18927

Phone: (215) 453-9300

Service: Concrete, Commercial Contracting, General Contractors

HIC #:PA007334


Type:All Phases Of Concrete Construction For Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Public Application

Address: 138 Rue St Michel, Line Lexington, PA 18932

Phone: (215) 997-5583

Service: Concrete, Paving, Excavation, Septic

HIC #:PA104576


Type:Excavation Company

Address: 172 New Galena Road, Line Lexington, PA 18932

Phone: (267) 626-9644

Service: General Contractors, Paving, Concrete

HIC #:PA066025


Type:Construction And Paving

Address: 4359 County Line Rd, Chalfont, PA 18914

Phone: (215) 997-9025

Service: Paving, Painting, Roofing, Siding, Concrete

HIC #:PA051807


Type:Full Line Construction Company Wich Includes All Siding, Painting, Roofing, Gutters And Concrete

Address: 141 Chestnut Street, Chalfont, PA 18914

Phone: (215) 996-1242

Service: Concrete, Paving, Masonry, Lighting, Excavation, Custom Closets, Custom Home Design

HIC #:PA014142


Type:All Concrete Related Work And Small Masonry Jobs.

Address: 47 Creek Road, Chalfont, PA 18914

Phone: (215) 822-7738

Service: Landscaping, Foundations, Hardscape, Handyman, Tree Service, Masonry, Exteriors, Fences, Concrete

HIC #:PA072261


Type:Landscaping, Hardscaping, Excavating, Drainage, Grading, Fencing, Masonry, Tree Service And Other Exterior Maintenance.

Address: 1313 Upper Stump Rd, Chalfont, PA 18914

Phone: (215) 249-9003

Service: General Contractors, Carpentry, Offices, Bathroom Remodeling, Flooring, Hardwood, Tile, Painting, Masonry, Kitchen Remodeling, Remodeling, Roofing, Siding, Commercial Contracting, Concrete

HIC #:PA050034


Type:General Contracting Including Residential And Office Repairs, Renovations, Carpentry, Siding, Roofing, Masonry, Painting, Tile, Hardwood Floors, Kitchens And Bathrooms.

Address: 3570 Pickertown Rd, Chalfont, PA 18914

Phone: (215) 822-9641

Service: Landscaping, Handyman, Home Maintenance, Paving, Masonry, Concrete, Excavation, Drainage

HIC #:PA104318


Type:Landscaping, Excavation, Masonry

Address: 146 Stetson Road, Chalfont, PA 18914

Phone: (267) 784-4503

Service: General Contractors, Home Builders, Additions, Home Theaters, Tile, Plumbing, Decks, Siding, Windows, Concrete, Electrical, Engineering

HIC #:PA012470


Type:General Contracting, Home Improvements Additions, Renovations, Electrical ,Plumbing, Windows, Tile Work, Concrete,Siding, Decks

Address: 206 Wiltshire Drive, Chalfont, PA 18914

Phone: (215) 822-3407

Service: Masonry, Foundations, Tile, Hardscape, Fireplaces, Stone, Lighting, Concrete, Custom Closets, Restoration, Custom Home Design

HIC #:PA039900


Type:Dedicated To Detail And The Pursuit Of Perfection. Custom Stonework And Decorative Brickwork Fronts, Wraps And Walls, Fireplaces And Chimneys. Historic Preservation Repairs, Restorations, Cleaning And Pointing.Tile Work Specializing In Mercer And Other Ha

Address: 28 Clearview Ave, Chalfont, PA 18914

Phone: (717) 939-3657

Service: Excavation, Hardscape, Landscaping, Concrete, General Contractors, Landscape Architecture, Restoration, Water Features, Engineering, Low Voltage Systems

HIC #:PA022827


Type:Full Remodeling Services. Replacing Entry Doors, Windows, Patio Doors And Small Additions Also Decks And Sliding. Building Garages And Sheds. Home Maintenance. Commercial Remodeling, Tenet Buildouts. Installer For Lowes

Address: 106 Britainwood Circle, Chalfont, PA 18914

Phone: (215) 822-7458

Service: General Contractors, Home Builders, Additions, Bathroom Remodeling, Home Theaters, Kitchen Remodeling, Remodeling, Concrete

HIC #:PA030825


Type:Home Remodeling Of All Types -Baths,Kitchens,Remodeling,Concrete, Additions

Address: 3570 Pickertown Rd, Chalfont, PA 18914

Phone: (215) 822-9641

Service: General Contractors, New Construction, Handyman, Home Maintenance, Paving, Mold Remediation, Landscaping, Concrete, Excavation, Home Inspections, Construction, Thermal Imaging, Radon, Pest And Dry Rot

HIC #:PA053014


Type:Landscape Maintenance And Construction, Excavation And Site Work Services,Concrete And Blacktop Work, Drainage Systems, Etc.

Address: 114 Curley Mill Road, Chalfont, PA 18914

Phone: (215) 997-1596

Service: General Contractors, Patios, Commercial Contracting, Concrete

HIC #:PA012584


Type:Concrete Constuction Company. Sidewalks, Patios, Aprons, Commerical And Residential.

Address: 1831 Limekiln Pike, Chalfont, PA 18914

Phone: (215) 997-6112

Service: Paving, Concrete, Excavation

HIC #:PA053471


Type:Paving And Excavating

Address: 307 W Butler Ave, Chalfont, PA 18914

Phone: (215) 822-8391

Service: Concrete, Paving, Masonry

HIC #:PA008113


Type:Concrete, Masonry, And Hardscaping

Address: 215 East Butler Avenue, Chalfont, PA 18914

Phone: (718) 689-4879

Service: General Contractors, Home Builders, Framing, Additions, Interior Design, Home Theaters, Tile, Painting, Kitchen Remodeling, Remodeling, Exteriors, Landscaping, Concrete, Landscape Architecture

HIC #:PA124127


Type:Interior Work- Painting- Sheet Rock- Framing- Kitchen Remodeling- Tiling Exterior Work- Pavers- Concrete- Brick And Block Work- Landscape Design- Stucco

Date Issued:04-29-2016

Address: 858 Myers Rd, Chalfont, PA 18914

Phone: (215) 822-3108

Service: General Contractors, Foundations, Concrete

HIC #:PA044596


Type:Excavation And Grading

Address: 140 Circle Drive, Chalfont, PA 18914

Phone: (267) 477-1171

Service: General Contractors, Additions, Interior Design, Paving, Lawn Care, Tree Service, Painting, Stone, Masonry, Remodeling, Lighting, Decks, Patios, Landscaping, Concrete, Driveway, Design, Electrical, Slabs, Drainage, Grading, Water Features, Walls, Ponds, Walkways, Pressure Washing

HIC #:PA105848


Type:Landscaping And Design, Lawn Care, Home Remodeling, Additions, Decks, Concrete Slabs, Walkways, Patios, Driveway Aprons, Retaining And Sitting Walls, Patio Paver Stones, Large And Small Tree And Shrub Care, Painting, Pressure Washing, Holiday And Decorati

Address: 37 Woodside Ave, Chalfont, PA 18914

Phone: (267) 261-6223

Service: Landscaping, Foundations, Interior Design, Green Remodeling, Hardscape, Handyman, Home Maintenance, Tree Service, Concrete, Design, Property Maintenance, Drainage, Grading

HIC #:PA097006


Type:Property Maintenance, Environmental Design, Hardscaping, Grading, Drainage, Tree Service, Snow Removal (Commercial)

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