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Concrete Contractors in Brodheadsville, PA

Address: 1370 Sherwood Forest Road, Brodheadsville, PA 18322

Phone: (570) 656-4530

Service: Masonry, Foundations, Flooring, Stone, Patios, Concrete

HIC #:PA012865


Type:Concrete Floors, Concrete Sidewalks/Patios, Block Foundations, Brick Veneer, Cultured Stone, And Masonry Chimneys

Address: Rt 209 Hcr 2, Brodheadsville, PA 18322

Phone: (888) 992-9001

Service: Concrete, Paving, Stone, Masonry, Cleaning, Brick

HIC #:PA078589


Type:Restore, Clean And Seal Concrete, Brick And Natural Stone Pavers.

Address: Rr 1 Box 351, Effort, PA 18330

Phone: (610) 681-4617

Service: Masonry, Fireplaces, Fire Protection, Stone, Concrete

HIC #:PA042119


Type:Masonry Work Laying Brick Block And Stone. Also Concrete Work. Fire Place And Chimney Repairs.

Address: 2251 Sunset Lane, Effort, PA 18330

Phone: (570) 620-2250

Service: General Contractors, Foundations, Patios, Windows, Concrete, Excavation

HIC #:PA004392


Type:All Phases Of Construction And Excavating Home Improvements, Additions, Decks, Garages, Door And Window Replacements, Concrete Work, Paver Patios And Walkways, Retaining Walls, Dig For Foundations, Installation Of New Septic Systems, Repair Of Existing Se

Address: 1081 Toll Road, Effort, PA 18330

Phone: (856) 498-5132

Service: General Contractors, Additions, Basement Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Interior Design, Painting, Plumbing, Kitchen Remodeling, Remodeling, Decks, Roofing, Siding, Windows, Concrete, Electrical

HIC #:PA061999


Type:Home Improvements, Additions, Windows And Doors, Interior Painting,Brick/ Block And Concrete Work, Finish Basements, Bathroom/Kitchen Remodeling,Electrical, Plumbing, Siding , Roofing And Decks.

Address: 1716 Silver Maple Rd, Effort, PA 18330

Phone: (570) 350-6916

Service: General Contractors, Carpentry, Foundations, Stone, Decks, Concrete, Engineering

HIC #:PA051240


Type:All Types Of Masonry And Hardscaping. Fireplaces, Chimneys, Sidewalks, Stone Work, Retaining Walls, Pavers, Concrete, Brick, Block, Foundations, Decks, Driveway Stone, General Repairs And Some Carpentry

Address: PO Box 368, Saylorsburg, PA 18353

Phone: (570) 620-7661

Service: Concrete, Foundations, Paving, Slabs, Block

HIC #:PA036263


Type:Mason Contractor - Residential - Footers - Block Foundations Concrete Slabs - Brick Work - Side Walks - Chimneys

Address: Rd 1 Box 1820, Saylorsburg, PA 18403

Phone: (570) 992-9906

Service: Electrical, Foundations, Handyman, Concrete, Wiring, Grading

HIC #:PA061042


Type:Residential Service Upgrades - Adding Reep, Switches And Lights, Upgrading Wiring In House And Small Businesses. Replacing Or Retrofiting Lighting In Home And Business To Energy Saving Fixtures And Electrical Troubleshooting When Needed

Address: Rr 6 Box 6361, Saylorsburg, PA 18403

Phone: (570) 992-9726

Service: Masonry, Paving, Concrete

HIC #:PA051162


Type:All Types Of Concrete And Masonry Work

Address: Rr5, Box 5414, Saylorsburg, PA 18403

Phone: (570) 992-3250

Service: Foundations, Handyman, Concrete, Excavation, Grading

HIC #:PA028234


Type:Ecavation. Dig Foundations, Water Lines Install Setpic Systems, Grading Propery.

Address: Rr 8 Box 4010, Saylorsburg, PA 18403

Phone: (570) 402-1015

Service: General Contractors, Carpentry, Cabinets, Framing, Paving, Trim, Remodeling, Roofing, Siding, Concrete, Vinyl

HIC #:PA018506


Type:1. Home Remodeling2. Concrete Work3. Siding (Wood, Vinyl)4. Some Roofing5. Framing6. Trim Work7. Kitchen Cabinets8. All Carpentry Work9. Commercial Work10. Sub Contracting Work

Address: Rr 6 6671 Maplewood Dr, Saylorsburg, PA 18353

Service: Concrete, Foundations, Basement Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Countertops, Handyman, Home Repair, Paving, Energy Efficiency, Waterproofing, Stone, Masonry, Patios, Roofing, Stucco, Driveway, Decorative Concrete, Walkways

HIC #:PA077820


Type:Supreme Concrete Masters Provided Services Are Decorative Concrete Walkways, Driveways, Patios, Concrete Counter Tops As Well As Custom Stone Work, Stucco, Concrete Resurfacing And Repair, Foundations Repair, Waterproofing, Insulation, Basement Finishing.

Address: 248 Fenner Ave, Sciota, PA 18354

Phone: (484) 221-4313

Service: General Contractors, Carpentry, Concrete

HIC #:PA121198


Type:Carpentry And Concrete Needs 32years Experience

Date Issued:12-31-2015

Address: Hc 1 Box 460, Sciota, PA 18354

Phone: (570) 856-1882

Service: General Contractors, Carpentry, Home Builders, Additions, Interior Design, Hardscape, Hvac, Heating, Paving, Tree Service, Plumbing, Stone, Masonry, Remodeling, Decks, Patios, Landscaping, Concrete, Design, Excavation, Electrical

HIC #:PA063857


Type:Building And Designing Custom Homes, Remodeling, Additions, Excavating, Lot Clearing, Logging And Timbering, Landscaping And Designing, Lawn Maintenance, Tree Trimming, Hardscaping And Designing, Patios, Ponds, Decks, All Phases Of Construction, Carpentry

Address: 158 El-Do Lake Drive, Kunkletown, PA

Phone: (610) 910-6212

Service: Concrete

HIC #:PA120772


Type:Concrete Flatwork, Masonry, Bulk Material Delivery, Waterproofing, Excavation, Demolition, New Construction, Repairs, And Replace.

Date Issued:12-01-2015

Address: PO Box 476, Kunkletown, PA 18058

Phone: (610) 381-4767

Service: Excavation, Concrete, Demolition, General Contractors, Docks

HIC #:PA122702


Type:Rp Flurer Excavation Inc. Does Site Preparation Includes Clearing, Leveling, Demolition, Excavation Installation Of Underground Utilities And Drainage Systems.We Also Excavate Building Pads, Digs Concrete Footings, And Prepares Ground For Concrete Slabs A

Date Issued:03-09-2016

Address: 114 Poplar Ln, Kunkletown, PA 18058

Phone: (570) 629-0851

Service: Carpentry, Additions, Bathroom Remodeling, Paving, Kitchen Remodeling, Remodeling, Roofing, Siding, Windows, Custom Woodwork, Concrete

HIC #:PA118331


Type:Home Improvements Of All Kind. Kitchens, Bath Rooms,Siding,Windows,Additions, Roofing,Pavers,Terrace Walls,Concrete

Date Issued:08-03-2015

Address: Kuehner And Upper 57 Road, Kunkletown, PA 18059

Phone: (610) 381-3097

Service: Paving, Concrete, Excavation

HIC #:PA016732


Type:Paving And Excavating

Address: 138 Oak Tree Road, Kunkletown, PA 18058

Phone: (570) 780-9680

Service: Masonry, Framing, Additions, Bathroom Remodeling, Flooring, Paving, Doors, Plumbing, Kitchen Remodeling, Roofing, Siding, Windows, Concrete, Electrical, General Contractors

HIC #:PA105677


Type:Construction, Framing, Roofing, Siding, Doors, Windows, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Light Electrical, Flooring, Plumbing, Additions, Concrete And Masonry.

Address: 785 Scenic Drive, Kunkletown, PA 18058

Phone: (570) 629-1977

Service: Concrete, Paving, Excavation

HIC #:PA067700


Type:Precast Concrete Producer And Excavating Company

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